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Bingo With Zombies

Play the classic Bingo games against these cute little zombies and ghosts.

Classic bingo rules. No crazy special power to confuses the game play. Just pure Bingo skill.

Compare your skill with other players. Do you have what it take to put your name on our global leaderboards?

Play whenever and wherever your want. You can save game if you got something more important to do, then come back and continue the game where you left out, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Lady announcer’s voice helps you focus on more the boards.

Play against AI zombies & ghosts. Choose from 3 different skill levels, and play against up to 4 opponents.
Have more coins, have more skills? You can try to play 4 cards in one round.

Running out of coins? No problem. Get a free Daily Bonus reward by just simply open the game once a day. Or, play mini-games to collect even more coins.

Spell It 2.11 is now available

Add Shuffle Button Bug fix Performance improvement (reduce memeory footprint) Update dictionary

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Letters Distribution

A lot of players asking about our letter distribution. So, here it is…. A – 10 B – 2 C – 2 D – 5 E – 12 F – 2 G – 2 H – 2 I – 9 J – 1 K – 2 L […]

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Spell It 2.8 is now available

We’ve added “Score Preview” back! Removed ‘Hand Off’ button when playing against Phone. Fixed all the bugs reported during the first week of releasing 2.7.  

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Spell It 2.7 is now available

New UI Support new Mango features such as 2nd Tile, Deep Toast, Fast Application Switching New ELO rating Shake To Shuffle is back! In game tutorial page for new player Get it now: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=9981ec60-b90d-e011-9264-00237de2db9e Note: Please uninstall the old version before install this version. Otherwise, Push Notification […]

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Spell It 2.7 and Push Notification issue.

If you’re updated from the previous version, your Push Notification may stop working. We’re speculate that Windows Phone Mango doesn’t like our new .XAP filename. And it somehow get confused. You can fix this issue by uninstall the game and reinstall it again. This seems to helped […]

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Mad Turkey for Windows Phone 7.1

Coming soon…

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King Of The Sea for Windows Phone

Coming soon. Another local and online multi-player classic game that you will love. More details will be available as soon once the application is available on the Windows Phone marketplace. Please stay tuned…

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Tap The Birds for Windows Phone

Another addictive casual game from our Dev Team. Just submitted to Windows Phone App Hub for certification. Should be available in the market place any day now. Here’s some sneak peak…

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Tangled Birds is now available

Do you have what it takes to free all the birds? Download Tangled Birds for your Windows Phone today and compete to be at the top of our global leaderboard!

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Tangled Birds

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