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Bingo With Zombies

Play the classic Bingo games against these cute little zombies and ghosts.

Classic bingo rules. No crazy special power to confuses the game play. Just pure Bingo skill.

Compare your skill with other players. Do you have what it take to put your name on our global leaderboards?

Play whenever and wherever your want. You can save game if you got something more important to do, then come back and continue the game where you left out, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Lady announcer’s voice helps you focus on more the boards.

Play against AI zombies & ghosts. Choose from 3 different skill levels, and play against up to 4 opponents.
Have more coins, have more skills? You can try to play 4 cards in one round.

Running out of coins? No problem. Get a free Daily Bonus reward by just simply open the game once a day. Or, play mini-games to collect even more coins.

Unity3D Unibill In-app Settings For Windows Phone

If you developing game using Unity3D and use Unibill plug-in for In-Game Purchase, you may ran into an error where Unibill failed to initialize at runtime. Make sure that you set correct product ID in the manifest (in our case, Package.AppXManifest).   Note: You can find the product […]

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2nd in DVLUP Leaderboard (U.S.)

It’s been a great month for us. With a few challenges completed, we’re not #2 on DVLUP  United States Leaderboard and #4 Global Leaderboard.   With new Bingo With Zombies released, we should get more points soon. If you’re developing for Windows Store, check out www.dvlup.com.  

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New Bingo is here.

New Bingo is here.

Love Bingo? You should try the new game we’ve just released on Windows Phone. (Other platforms to follow soon.) The new version let you play against up to 4 cute little zombies and monster. Don’t be fooled, they’re very good at Bingo. You can start slow by […]

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It’s been a while…

… since the last post. We’ve been busy. A lot of things changed. One of our co-founders quit his other full-time job and now running the show full time here. Which mean, beside networking, marketing, sourcing, he codes from home every day. Ok, what’s happened since the […]

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New game: Knox’s Room and Spell It update

It’s been a while since our last post. Figured we should give every one an update on what we’ve been up to. First of all, apology for recent hiccup with Spell It. Some users experienced a crash while the game downloading the data. We’ve fixed the issue […]

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Unity Facebook SDK: Missing android debug keystore

While working on Knox’s Room for Android, we ran in to some hiccup with Facebook SDK for Unity. I’ve spent the whole day try to figure out what’s wrong. Finally, I found a solution posted by  “Jerhill” on StackOverflow.com To recap, if you see an error like […]

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2 Million Downloads!

It’s been a long journey for us, but we finally hit 2 million downloads (Windows Phone market only). Thanks all the fan for playing, especially some of you who’s been playing our game since the beginning! Thank you for your support and all valuable feedback.   Now… […]

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Never been a better time to build Windows Phone games

It’s been a long and interesting 2.5 year journey for us. While we’ve seen a slow downward trend in our download numbers in the past year, it is no longer the case after releasing several new games. Just a few weeks after releasing our latest games (Bingo, […]

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Spell It says hello to win8 with an NFC high five from WP8

We had the great privilege of showing our game on the Windows Phone Summit running on Windows Phone 8. With the tap of a phone and a Win8 tablet we say hello to the upcoming Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms on the same game you […]

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Elo rating for Spell It

Elo rating for Spell It is a system for estimating relative skills level of players. A higher number indicates a higher skill. It is based on the Elo rating system commonly used in chess, as described on the wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system. When a player finished a game, a […]

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