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Product Annoucements

Want a sneak preview of Spell It 2.0? Download and try out Spell It*

A lot of people have been asking what we’ve been up to. Well, it’s no secret, we’re working on a new and improved user experiences of our game. We’ve recently upgraded our server and migrated our data to the new database, which will handle more users and improve reliability. Unfortunately, there were some minor hiccups and some of you may have experienced a small glitch from the new system. Fear not, we will fix all the issue that you’re reported. Please keep reporting any issues you see and your feedback coming!

Now, speaking of which, based on your feedback (a lot of it), we’ve been working on a new version of Spell It. We heard ya! And we acted on it! Here’s a sub set of what will be in the new version!

This version packs a lot of new features that will be available in the next update (Spell It 2.0).

The new feature include:

  • Pass ‘n’ Play (Play a local game with your near by friend, on the same phone)
  • Play against the phone (by popular request, we put a brain in our game, now you can sharpen your spelling skills against the phone) to help you get ready to play other spellers online.
  • Play By Play (See that tiny knob on the upper right corner? Flick or scroll that up and down to review all the moves in the game). Relive the moment, and learn others’ strategies.
  • Improved tile graphics. Well, we think this looks better than before, but if you still don’t like it, let us know!
  • Smoother flick and panning throughout the game board. And its super fast too!

Enough said, please try it out and give us feedback. Help use design this game, the way you like it!

Download Spell It* from the Windows Phone marketplace:

For those of you who don’t have Spell It 1.7 (supports online play), you can download it from here:

Thank you for supporting us,

Spell It Support & Dev Team


  1. Says no longer available in the Zune Marketplace :(

    • Hi Jeff,

      It is making its way through the Windows Phone Marketplace plumbing; we got trigger happy and posted an announcement as soon as we published it to the marketplace, so give it a few hours while they light it up.

      Thank you!
      CFH team.

      • Ahh thanks, I’ll try later when I get home from work.

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