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Workaround for Push Notification issue.

If your live tile stopped working, you may ran in to the common Push Notifications reliability issue. This problem affects many Windows Phone applications that uses Microsoft Push Notifications as main mechanism to update the application’s live tile.

Speel It is no different, a few users periodically reporting this issue. There’re some step that could help. Please try the following…

1. Go to your account pane, then uncheck/recheck ‘Enable Push Notifications’ checkbox. Then play a few game with friend and observe whether the issue is gone. If not, try #2 below…

2. Log out, exit application, launch application, then log in. Still doesn’t work? Try #3….

3. Uninstall and reinstall Spell It… or….

4. Uninstall other application (that uses Push Notifications) that you no longer use. This to free up a Push Notification channel on the device so that Spell It can register the channel.

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