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It’s been a while…

… since the last post. We’ve been busy. A lot of things changed. One of our co-founders quit his other full-time job and now running the show full time here. Which mean, beside networking, marketing, sourcing, he codes from home every day. :)

Ok, what’s happened since the last post?

We’ve release a couple of simple games on iOS, Google Play.


This first game called Stuck!!! It’s available on iOS only. Basically, it’s a sliding block puzzle game that you may have seen in every other platforms. We made this game ‘coz we like to play it. And hope you’ll like it too!. For first version, we’ve included 19,000+ level for you to solve. Free of charge. We’ll try to improve levels quality in the near future and make sure that the level progression is appropriate for all players. Please check it out and send us your feedback.

 2048Friends Icon The second game that we’ve release recently called “2048 Friends”. This game currently available on Windows Phone and Google Play.





What else….? Oh, for Spell It players, sorry for slow response to your emails lately. The truth is, we’ve been working crazy on the new version of Spell It. This including redesign a lot of (internal) stuffs in the game. To fixed some of the issues that most of you have seen. Some of those issues are just too annoying and drive our players away. That’s annoying us also. So, we’ve given Spell It full attention and we are so close to finish it, and will make it available soon. If you’re interested in Beta version, please send us email. I think you know how to reach us.

Ok, that’s it for now. We’ll keep you posed.


Code From Home Team

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