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Product Annoucements, Spell It

Spell It 2.5 is available!

Spell It 2.5 is available on the WP Marketplace now! We have fixed several bugs for multi player games and in chat. We have also addressed a few usability concerns for declining a game and showing more info on invalid move placements. Be sure to checkout the leaderboard as well!
As always we hope you enjoy and expect to hear from you with your thoughts and feedback.

Spell It team.


  1. I enjoyed playing spell it on my phone until I updated to the new version. After I updated I tried to play a game and a white screen popped up that would only let me chose either the website, Twitter, or Facebook. I could not go straight to the game and still haven’t figured out how to get to the game. I just want to play, I do not want to follow on Twitter or like on Facebook.

    • Looks like you must have tapped the menu and then the “About” button, you can get back to your games list by tapping your phone’s back button two times.

  2. The updated leaderboard ROCKS!!

  3. Updated version will not load anything but a blank page with an ad on the top. What happened?

    • Hi Teresa,

      Some users have been hitting a bug which we suspect is crashing the UI thread. The known work around is to reinstall the game, note that all your online games will be sync’ed when you login again.

      Thank you,
      Spell it team.

  4. Hi there
    I’m very additive to this game.its very impressive . I just want to make a request . is it possible to have this game paid for advert free. I don’t like d advert on my game like to make contribution .

    • Hi Crimy,

      Thank you for your feedback, this is something we have considered and will figure out the best timeline for such an offering. We do appreciate the feedback and do not take it lightly.

      Thank you,
      Spell it team.

  5. How many of each letter are in spell it.

    • Hi Kirk, here’s our letters set.

      A: 10
      B: 2
      C: 2
      D: 5
      E: 12
      F: 2
      G: 2
      H: 2
      I: 9
      J: 1
      K: 2
      L: 4
      M: 4
      N: 6
      O: 8
      p: 2
      Q: 1
      R: 6
      S: 4
      T: 6
      U: 4
      V: 2
      W: 2
      X: 1
      Y: 2
      Z: 1
      Blank: 2

      -Spell It Dev Team-

  6. I heard this is a great game, please e-mail me when it becomes avaliable on Android market.

  7. Push shows I have moves , but nothing shows in your moves section. I also cannot start s new game against a random player . Error says not available right now

  8. Love this game

  9. Thanks sooo much for such an awesome game! Is this game available for Blackberry phones? My wonderful Hubby wants to play the game against me.

    • Hi Sheri! We don’t have a BB client :( sorry. Have you guys tried pass and play mode when you guys are together?

  10. Any status on when a Mango friendly version of Spell It will be available? Fast switching is a great experience with the windows phones and it would make Spell It so much more enjoyable!

  11. Any plans to bring fast app switching to the app? It would be greatly appreciated!!

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