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Spell It Tips

How to play Spell It

Create New Game
    To create new game, tap “NEW GAME” button on the lower right corner of the main screen.
    In ‘Start New Game’ dialog, you can chose from 3 different modes.
    1. Pass And Play – In this mode, you can play against near by friend. Each player take turn make a move, then hands the phone to another player to plays his/her turn. This mode is great for fast pace game with friend. And this doesn’t require internet connection.
    2. Play The Phone – Want to hone your spelling skill and learn the interesting words that we have in our dictionary? Playing against the phone’s AI is the way to go. Start by playing agains Easy mode, then move up to Medium and Hard as you building up your vocaburaly bank.
    3. Play Online – Want more challenge? Try create online account (free) and invite upto 3 friends or random players to join the online game session. You can pay at your own pace. But remember, if it’s your turn, make a move with in 5 days. Otherwise, your will be forced resign and take a loss.
Make The First Move
    Once the game is created, you can make the first move by put down the first word on the board. You need place one letter tile on the center of the board. This letter can be any letter in the word.
    You can chose to play the word in either vertical or horizontal direction. Not both.
    Every letters that you playing must be placed adjacent to other letter or letters.
    Once you happy what the word, tap ‘PLAY’ button to submit your move.
    Your tile rack will be refill with letter randomly picked from the community pile. (the remaining community tiles count is on the top left corner of the board.)
    Then it’s the next player’s turn to play.
Make The Subsequence Move
    The next player can now put down the letter(s) any where on the board, as long as he/she places at least one of the letter adjacent to any letters already played on the board.
Swap Tiles
    If you don’t have enough letters to spell the word that you want, you can chose to swap any letters. To do so, just tap the ‘SWAP’ button. Then move the letter(s) that you don’t like to the swap row, then tap ‘OK’
Skip Turn
    Sometime, you can play strategically, and chose to skip you turn (or, when you simply run out of idea). You can do this by tapping ‘PASS’ button.
Can’t catch up?
    We have feature built just for you. Tap ‘QUIT’ button to resign from the game. Note that, once you quit, you’re considered losing the game. That will hurt your statistics (if you care).
Force Resign
    Player who has the turn will need to make a play before the time run out (5 days). Otherwise, he/she will be forced to resign. For 1 on 1 game, remaining player will win the game. For game with more than 2 players, the remaining players can continue playing.
    Each letter tile has a small number on the top right corner. This number represent a point for that letter.
    When you submitted the play, the game will calculate the total points (of that play) by adding points of every letter(s) that formed the word(s), including any letter(s) that you reusing.
Bonus Score
    On the board, there are serveral spot that will give you a bonus point, if you play letter(s) on those spot.
    DL = Double the letter’s point.
    TL = Tripple the letter’s point.
    DW = Double the word’s point.
    TW = Tripple the word’s point.
    To calculate total point. The DL and/or TL bonus will be applied to the letters first, then add them up, become a word’s point.
    After than, if any letter on that word lie on any DW(s) or TW(s) spots, all of those bonus point will be applied to the word’s point. Which will become your total play point.
    However, any bonus spot that has been used by previous player will not be applied to your play.
    BINGO bonus
    If you use up all of your 7 letter tiles, in one play, you’ll get additional 25 bonus point. (this will be added to the total play point after applied DL/TL/DW/TW bonus).
  1. If one of the player used all of his/her tile, and there’s no community tile left, the game is ended. The other players’ total point will be subtracted by the point of their own remaining tiles on the rack. The player with the highest point wins.
  2. If one player remain on the game after other player (or players) resigned. The remaining player is the winner.
  3. The game is ‘cancelled’ if non of the invitee(s) accept player’s invitation to join the game.

There’s quite few way to end the game.

That’s it! Enjoy the game! If you have any question, feel free to send mail to support@codefromhome.com
And don’t forget…
Spell It Like You Mean It!


  1. Do you have an online or downloadable dictionary for the game?

  2. It’s fun but I don’t like the way you can cluster two letter words.

    • Hi Meiling, we would love to here you thought on how to improve the game. We will listen and consider any suggestion and feedback.
      Thank you,
      Spell It Dev Team

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