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It’s been a while…

… since the last post. We’ve been busy. A lot of things changed. One of our co-founders quit his other full-time job and now running the show full time here. Which mean, beside networking, marketing, sourcing, he codes from home every day. Ok, what’s happened since the […]

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New game: Knox’s Room and Spell It update

It’s been a while since our last post. Figured we should give every one an update on what we’ve been up to. First of all, apology for recent hiccup with Spell It. Some users experienced a crash while the game downloading the data. We’ve fixed the issue […]

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Unity Facebook SDK: Missing android debug keystore

While working on Knox’s Room for Android, we ran in to some hiccup with Facebook SDK for Unity. I’ve spent the whole day try to figure out what’s wrong. Finally, I found a solution posted by  “Jerhill” on StackOverflow.com To recap, if you see an error like […]

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