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Archive for July 2011

How to play Spell It

Create New Game To create new game, tap “NEW GAME” button on the lower right corner of the main screen. In ‘Start New Game’ dialog, you can chose from 3 different modes. 1. Pass And Play – In this mode, you can play against near by friend. […]

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2 Letters Words In Spell It Dictionary (Version 2.4)

Per high request from our Spellers… here u go! AA  AB  AD  AE  AG  AH  AI  AL  AM  AN  AR  AS  AT  AW  AX  AY BA  BE  BI  BO  BY DE  DO ED  EF  EH  EL  EM  EN  ER  ES  ET  EX FA  FE GO HA  HE  HI  […]

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Version 2.4 is now available!

For those of you who’s been having issue with ‘Server unavailable’ please update to version 2.4. We recommend uninstall the old version before install 2.4. This to prevent bad cached data to migrating over. If you still see any issue, please feel free to contact use at […]

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