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Spell It 2.7 and Push Notification issue.

If you’re updated from the previous version, your Push Notification may stop working. We’re speculate that Windows Phone Mango doesn’t like our new .XAP filename. And it somehow get confused. You can fix this issue by uninstall the game and reinstall it again. This seems to helped […]

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How to play Spell It

Create New Game To create new game, tap “NEW GAME” button on the lower right corner of the main screen. In ‘Start New Game’ dialog, you can chose from 3 different modes. 1. Pass And Play – In this mode, you can play against near by friend. […]

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2 Letters Words In Spell It Dictionary (Version 2.4)

Per high request from our Spellers… here u go! AA  AB  AD  AE  AG  AH  AI  AL  AM  AN  AR  AS  AT  AW  AX  AY BA  BE  BI  BO  BY DE  DO ED  EF  EH  EL  EM  EN  ER  ES  ET  EX FA  FE GO HA  HE  HI  […]

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