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2nd in DVLUP Leaderboard (U.S.)

It’s been a great month for us. With a few challenges completed, we’re not #2 on DVLUP¬† United States Leaderboard and #4 Global Leaderboard.   With new Bingo With Zombies released, we should get more points soon. If you’re developing for Windows Store, check out www.dvlup.com.  

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Spell It says hello to win8 with an NFC high five from WP8

We had the great privilege of showing our game on the Windows Phone Summit running on Windows Phone 8. With the tap of a phone and a Win8 tablet we say hello to the upcoming Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms on the same game you […]

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Workaround for Push Notification issue.

If your live tile stopped working, you may ran in to the common Push Notifications reliability issue. This problem affects many Windows Phone applications that uses Microsoft Push Notifications as main mechanism to update the application’s live tile. Speel It is no different, a few users periodically […]

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